Beautiful and fast code snippets with Sober.

Sober is a Slack bot that helps you share precise code snippets from GitHub easily.

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About Sober

Code snippets with a quick command.

You need to input the repo name, the file path and optionally the line margins, and done!


Fast & Easy

Not a 10 second bot converastion: a 1 second command instead.

Easily Memorable

It was made for quick and easy use, and memory is a big part of that.

Enterprise Use

Upon contacting me, I can help you configure Sober for a private repository or for GitHub Enterprise.

Perfect for Portable

Not at your machine but you get a quick Slack message? Don't mess with Markdown and tabs, just use Sober and be quick.


You won't get cluttered with commands you don't use.

Privacy on Top

We don't log your code. We only see the input, and only when an error occurrs. That's it.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use this with private repositories or GitHub Enterprise?

For enterprise or private repository setups, please contact me via email on the address [email protected], or @ me on Twitter at @skiilaa.

Why only GitHub?

GitHub is the biggest Git service of all, so we decided to use it. We will be extending to GitLab soon.


Any problems?

You can reach me at [email protected].